Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Marilynn, Rick, Margo and the kids.  The table set for Easter dinner.  This was the first time we ate a big meal together after everybody was back from Utah. 
Looking southeast at the Wasatch Mountains from the condo in Salt Lake.  We miss this when we get back to Michigan.  It is about 40 minutes from here to Alta which lies to the left of the highest peak in the center of the picture.

Marilynn looking great in blue at home in Grosse Pointe.  Her new arbor vitae are doing well too.

Mike and Lisa boarding at Mammoth Mountain.  They love living there and seem to be doing welI. I went to visit them in March and then went back to Salt Lake City for a few days before driving home to Michigan
Bentley at the boatyard April, 2013.  He loves to run around under boats and trailers with Chewy.
Johanna getting into movie star mode after a day skiing. 

Helena looking beautiful as usual while returning to Salt Lake City for a day of skiing at Alta

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